links useful for vegans

For the moment, I'm just collecting these and not particularly endorsing any of them more or less than others.

Except for this one. I love this one. It pretty much explains why you should go vegan. (Bear in mind that leather is mostly made in the Third World, largely in India - it doesn't come from the cows you see in paddocks here.)

Oh, yes, and this one, which is a wonderful FAQ by John Waddell (also available as an actual book on actual paper).

animal rights versus animal welfare

On abattoirs: the silence of the lambs
… and Dave Hughes on abattoirs and vegetarianism:

Useful quote from Martin Luther King: Martin Luther King on moderates.

More on dairy products:


Is your alky beverage vegan?


Vegan Australia:

Animal Lib ACT (Animal Liberation ACT):

how to feed a vegan dog

more on vegan dogs and cats:

vegan alcohol in Australia: … and elsewhere:

short piece by Peter Singer

vegetarian yarns (surely also vegan!):

academic research on veganism:

vegan IRC chat:

The tone argument in veganism


On Octopuses: